Michael Herrick

No skating

Now you might ask, “What kind of ass would ever think that skating would be an ok thing to do here?”

But a better question is, “What kind of ass thinks you need a sign for it?”

At the Albuquerque Veterans’ Hospital.

  • You would not believe how many kids I have seen using the wheelies in hospitals and clinics that I have been in. I have seen skateboards once or twice in the hospital as well. I am sure if they have a sign, there have been idiots who thought it was okay.

  • OK, you got me Leslie, but I still say that the stupidity necessary for skating in a hospital is not going to be deterred by any mere sign. People hope that signs will save them from having to be the grouchy old rule enforcer, but I think there will always be a place for yelling, "Hey, you kids!"

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