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Larger than life, even at second hand

This is an article I’ve been meaning to write for years, and now is either the best or the worst time to do it.

Almost a decade ago, I was attending a convention of software developers and fell into conversation, between sessions, with a fellow programmer and small business owner who counted among his clients none other than Apple Computer, as it was called then. For more than an hour, this fellow regaled me and my friend and colleague, Daniel Lyons, with outrageous anecdotes about the company and about its rock-star CEO, the too-soon deceased Steve Jobs. We were in absolute stitches. I offer a few of these stories for whatever they may be worth—true or not or exaggerated how much, I have no idea—along with the only proviso the original teller insisted on when I asked whether I could share them:

“Just don’t use my name, man.”

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