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The Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine

The Calvin and Hobbes Search Engine lets you find that comic strip you remember just by typing a few words. Search for “Spiff” or “snowman” or Susie is a booger brain. What a great tech project. I would love to do this for the Far Side strips, but who could possibly enter all that data to build the index?


Unfortunately, a Far Side search engine isn’t ever going to happen. I don’t quite buy this sentimental version of the cease-and-desist. If you’re so sensitive about your creation, why publish? And anyway, unlike Watterson, Larson seems quite able to deal with the emotional trauma of lucrative merchandising deals. Which reminds me, incidentally, that we all owe Bill Watterson a debt of gratitude for never inflicting a Hobbes plush toy or “A Very Calvin Christmas” television special on the world.

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