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Ayn Rand

Ayn Rand is completely misunderstood both by those who love her and by those who revile her. In fact, she’s one of the best writers of humor since Dickens. Her heroes can be boring but her villains are hysterical. If your political biases prevent you from laughing out loud while reading the scenes with Ellsworth Toohey or Wesley Mouch, then I truly pity you. She’s also an excellent plotter and leitmotifer. The gradual revelation of who is John Galt is very skillfully done. I have yet to find someone who dislikes Ayn Rand and is able to argue intelligently against that claim on aesthetic grounds. It is also true that Ayn Rand was insane and constructed insane universes. But when was that ever a problem for art?

Samuel Alito and gun control

Just came across this article again that I wrote several years ago, right around the time Bush nominated Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. Re-reading it made me laugh, so I’m republishing it now on the off chance that it might amuse someone else at least a tenth as much as it did me.

An attorney of my acquaintance — let’s call him ‘Lawrence’1 — maintains a joke email list of which I am a beneficiary. As everyone knows, the cost of sending email has risen greatly since the start of the Iraq war, forcing my friend to subsidize his joke service with a high volume of political commentary. Naturally, I find this hilarious, which is why I don’t unsubscribe.

Some of the opinions “Lawrence” expresses in his political digressions seem a little strange for a Catholic constitutionalist. At least I assume “Lawrence” is a Catholic constitutionalist, because I always assume that everyone I know shares the same political and religious beliefs that I do. That’s what makes having friends so interesting.

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