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Samuel Alito and gun control

Just came across this article again that I wrote several years ago, right around the time Bush nominated Samuel Alito for the Supreme Court. Re-reading it made me laugh, so I’m republishing it now on the off chance that it might amuse someone else at least a tenth as much as it did me.

An attorney of my acquaintance — let’s call him ‘Lawrence’1 — maintains a joke email list of which I am a beneficiary. As everyone knows, the cost of sending email has risen greatly since the start of the Iraq war, forcing my friend to subsidize his joke service with a high volume of political commentary. Naturally, I find this hilarious, which is why I don’t unsubscribe.

Some of the opinions “Lawrence” expresses in his political digressions seem a little strange for a Catholic constitutionalist. At least I assume “Lawrence” is a Catholic constitutionalist, because I always assume that everyone I know shares the same political and religious beliefs that I do. That’s what makes having friends so interesting.

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