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Chickens again

I figure chickens are only just as smart as they need to be, but I’m still surprised at how smart and curious they are. I’m working at home this morning with the front door open to the nice spring day (finally) and this chicken came inside and methodically explored every corner in the room before heading back outside.


I’m surprised how much I enjoy owning chickens. At least so far. We picked up two pairs of pretty hens yesterday and I think they’re nice little animals. I insisted on buying layers, not chicks, and one of the year-olds left an ashy egg this morning in the outdoor chiminea. Each chicken escaped the yard yesterday and there’s probably no activity more undignified than chicken-chasing, but today they’re already settling in and I think they’ll be homebodies in no time.

While searching for a chicken seller, I came across this cute Craigslist ad:

William is an almost year old duck who loves people and kids, but unfortunately he is pimping my chickens. He had a mate who was hurt badly by a dog last summer and had to be put down, and up until a few weeks ago got along fine with the chickens. But now he is grabbing them by the necks and ripping their feathers out. They don’t particularly like him, and I think he is lonely. Rather then getting a new duck to be his woman, I think I’d rather he go to a home that could give him more room to move about and more water to swim in. Perhaps he’ll find that special girl someday. I would super prefer for him not to end up in someone’s casserole or stir fry, so if that is your ultimate plan for him please just humor me and don’t tell me. Also, I don’t really know if he is actually a boy. I just decided to name him (it) William when we got it (him). His (it’s) mate was named Kate.

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